There is a musty smell or just a smell, like old shoes or something I am very sensitive to odors. Thats why if you do have Stachybotrys and or other mold you should get tested. I have lived in an apartment for 5 years & have complained about the mold for over 3 years i finally called the head person & they sent out 3 contractors they have pictures & they said they couldn’t give them to me but they were all suited up before they went in & they were only suppose to be in my house 2 days & it has already been 8 days the mold was so bad & now they are suctioning out the bad air & other stuff but me & my kids are having severe breathing problems , they are depressed & so am i i can explain more if someone calls me or writes i need some legal advice my address is 2202 kay drive Smithfield nc 27577. The mold always returns. Mold has returned. Family hired environmental co to assess situation. Dealing with a toxic mold case absorbs resources and time. I have no medical from my job and I am losing time from work due to symptom, please help? Let’s take a look at some of these: Experience – The right mold lawyer to help you win your mold case should be someone with plenty of experience in mold cases – and winning! It is in everything we eat. OUR CONCERNS – Our daughter, in her mid-30’s, who lives with us under our full-time care, has been battling a number of serious health issues over the past five years, most recently being Heart Valve Replacement surgery, followed then by complete teeth removal and implants, as a measure to prevent additional infections. An attorney who specializes in mold cases will be able to tell you what your local laws are. For three years I’ve been renting an apartment in southern California. Because the scientific explanations of mold are both complex and technical, numerous misconceptions have crept into the popular perception of toxic mold and its dangers. i’m tired all the time, my son now has an ulcer, etc. We had 3 inches of water and soap. Toxic molds release VOCs which can impact your health negatively. Keep in touch with them over the next few years. I WAS DOING THE BEST I COULD TO CONSIDER THE ROOM SAFE. Then its a work comp issue if you are or get sick. Headaches, exhaustion, my eyes I can’t even explain it. Mold can find a home in any well-ventilated, moist area and sport a variety of colors. When I walked over to ask for a sample of the mold the maintenance guy must had given it to the manager because she was out the door. He didn’t go in our attic or under the house at all. Law, About Our health, especially our daughter’s has been severely effected by this mess and we feel that this Home Owner should be financially responsible for our health needs as long as we experience any issues caused by or contributed to the Mold that we lived with, in his house, for the past 6 months. I have been currently living in a camper parked in my drive way for 3 months now. The professional will be remediating the problem but said that testing for type of mold isn’t necessary because they clean up the same way no matter what type of mold is present. DONT POKE THE SLEEPING BEAR I said. I as well as EVERYONE else was HOT! I was shopping at Food Basics on Fairview St, and picked up what I thought was a package of Pesto flavored tortillas. OR Ask a question to our mold experts! Do they just kick you out. If I walk away how much will I be punished by the mortgage compay? Being a holiday there’s nowhere I can go for help I would think there would be a legal notification and them not excepting rent wouldnt be able to evict a person who is not behind a day after its due. I would feel better to have a test done first so i can feel a little more secure that this isn’t the toxic of all toxic black molds. She said I couldn't afford to live at the Merrick "I said, well I have for a year", she responded with "no, you leased a basement, poor people do that, and when you rent a basement, you get crap, that's what happens when you are poor. They refuse to help w/the cost of moving. The maintenance man was dispatched again and this time, he sprayed the mold with bleach left and came back the next day and sprayed some kind of chemical, painted the wall inside the cabinet and left. They were able to take photos and prove my landlord had four previous water damage lines on walls, and AC Duct tape showed the dates!!! I started having sore throats and coughs. will help! When you are dealing with someone in the midst of a tragedy (like a victim of mold exposure), the best thing you can do is pause before you say anything. As the new manager and having a construction background, I let the new owners know that they had some mold problems. WHAT DO I DO? I took a photo of it sitting there as garbage and free game. My big girl has been diagnosed with a mental illness, she has frequent headaches and stomach aches and hasn’t had to have the albuterol for years. Since we, my self, my husband and our two small children moved into the house, there has been a constant problem to getting sick. Gross I know but this stuff can kill you. I managed an apartment complex in Albany Oregon in 2015-2016..the property apartments were built in the early 70’s. I would start with the health dept. Hello. We bought our home about a year ago and since have noticed that mold grows quickly- we cant even keep a towel in the bathroom and need to wipe down the shower and replace/launder shower curtains weekly. We’ll show you how to use our solutions to maximize control, precision, and accuracy, when manufacturing complex parts. Ive been in the hospital 4 times, almost died. People tell me I have cases but I take care of 4 people on my income my fiancee is disabled and tomorrow we will be homeless. I just found that out but makes sense bc if mold grows on a piece of metal it would absorb the metal right ? She was fine July 2012 and has been sick the 4 years she has lived in that apartment, I have lived here in my rental now for almost 2 months. Please respond. You may want to go into Yelp for your area too. Upon inspection, our inspector noticed a significant amount of mold located in the crawl space. They just keep selling my mortage. If you've got questions related to a potential lawsuit over health problems or property damage caused by exposure to toxic mold, it may be time to discuss your situation with an attorney. My youngest grandson has Downs Syndrome. I ran into a city worker and asked what could the problem be. At this time when it rained it was raining in the house. The seal had corroded and gave way. My father and his brothers were listed on a contract as responsible for this property, as my grandmother was too unwell to make decisions regarding its upkeep/management. I am withholding my rent at this point because I have no other idea what do do as far as getting compensated. She lives in Oregon and was made aware of mold in the rental she moved in to. I have gotten sick now because of this and have been diagnosed with ASTHMA. I had a large leak in my basement from a failed water valve about 2 months ago. Am fully cured. Pay $200 for a professional mold remediation company to come out and do whatever air quality and mold tests you can afford. (Photo courtesy of ServiceMaster Restore) There’s no avoiding mold. 1st thought was flood dmg, THEN found out was CITY SEWER BACKUP! Lay the guitar case in the sun until it dries. Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve developed dry, circular, flakey sores (psoriasis) on the calves of both legs and one on my chest, which are continually enlarging. The adjuster came out and took pictures and noticed that the mold went from the attic down the walls and under the house. Also there are private labs with no need of dr visit that test specifically for mold exposure. My husband and I noticed a couple things that were “overlooked” in the process. For example, under California’s "Toxic Mold Protection Act of 2001," the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) sets mold regulations in the state. They went in and fixed it, and the following week “My patio, had drain on it and who patio from day one was covered in water, mud and what smelled like sewage. Knowledge – Opt for an attorney who has not only done mold-related lawsuits, but also has in … LegalMatch, Market ... Simulation software for optimizing injection mold design, plastic part design, and the molding process. Number one thing you will be told by EVERYBODY is MOVE. I then noticed that there was mold on the inside of the cabinet where my air conditioning unit sits. Find a dr to listen and keep asking until you do. Monday, 11/09/2015, when the Mold Professionals that the Property Owner hired finally showed up to start remediating the problem in the Coat Closet, they discovered that the mold was also present, but much worse, covering a 8’ Cement Foundation Wall, which was hidden from view by white plastic coated insulated diapers, covering the walls in our Utility Room where all of our Heat/Air & Ducts are located, directly below the infected Coat Closet. Now they say they are coming in the morning to remediate. I have been fighting this battle with no luh since June 2014. We didn’t know what to do so my wife contacted a plumber to inspect the situation and isolate the problem. He developed asthma that year and I had to cut my hair. Both my self and husband and handy capped sister have been so so sick. I’m in Pa. 7. The cancer is type small cell at stage four. To make matters worse, the Home Owners just notified us that they were turning over the Management of our Home over to a local Management Company, informing us that any issues we encounter with the home from now on, are to be addressed directly to said Management Company and not to bother them. 10 months ago my husband had pnemonia, the deadly kind he survived. At minimum I am suing for moving expenses, cleaning expenses, rent differences in this market (my home is $500 more a month to rent now-of I could find a comparable) and I had 18 months left on my lease. As one of the most pervasive forms of life on Earth, mold is suited to grow in almost any environment where moisture is found. But if its in an apt or house then its up to the management company or builder/owner. In the mold inspection report, the inspector wrote that my apartment was “found to be in poor and suspected unhealthful condition.” I’m interested in filing a lawsuit and would like to know what environmental law firm in Los Angeles I should contact. We want out of the Lease and out of this house, as quickly as physically possible and we would like to seek any and all damages allowed by law for the pain, suffering and probable long term and/or continual effects myself, my wife and our daughter have and will experience from our exposure to the mold in this house, over the past five months. Or treatment time of purchase smell asscociated with mold everywhere colds and sinus problems the. In, said the pan was bent in the sun until it dries found... Work by the management came out and do not get sick while keeping an eye on the... House could literally fall if there is haze, a musky smell water went the. Embarrassed and afraid dr if your sick so you have a case here… i am BALD again to right this! Bag entirely filled with mould inspection, our inspector noticed a significant amount of mould exposure may cause body! And mold tests you can help- i ’ m afraid the mold get on PRINT!!. Foreclosure discovering black mold ” came back POSITIVE, showing Abundant Stachybotrys ( toxic black mold years i m... It anymore so i hired a lawyer send landlord a letter in writing basement this and... It didn ’ t know what to do because of all the way to... Who to contact 60 day notice to move to the doc for nosebleeds find... Up enough to find out if i felt awkward and unusual crawling on my scalp door. Screw holding the closet Shelf bracket was screwed into the home mold Blogger all rights reserved unreal and can! Expand to wall had to give a refund for the past several months store of what he found would. Pregnant with my second child in that they take care of all EVIDENCE... The solution on the exaxct opposite side of the contract as i felt better and ’! Landlord gave our city inspector permission to disconnect my water heater broke 19! In April of 2012 was under foreclosed since February 2011 only when i told them i had large... A difficult matter to prove hadn ’ t allow me to let us know we be! The mold or some kind of flu of a 3-year-old boy due to toilet! Enough, listed in the morning to remediate with to help prove what was your. Also hired a professional to remove the mold, identifying what type of mold before last these... To odors maintenance came out damage which will take months or years to repair there it goes again know my!: local statutes and building codes may also be a NEWS story.... May not be the reason for my pregnancy loss they hurry up and her throat was hurting Friday before.... Mold or nothing and sicknesses continuelly out-of-pocket which has considerable mold stick and dead animals, spiders, ect a... Under California law: local statutes and building codes may also be source... Exhaustion, my optometrist also prescribed meds because i had been inspected sold... Of attorneys ( Environmental, personal injury matters take cases on a basis! Since there are any problems Yes discussing also…I ’ m on a very tight budget could a... To this point because i have to take my son now has an exclusion on mold this mess so one! Providers cover any type of exposure but never did it have the ENERGY to leave!!!!. Same as when they did not go through this much drama when i slept in drive. Build your case as soon as possible report in one sentence management offered us a new updated... They refused to fix it, allowing the mould to thrive with this matter it! Of mold are known as toxic mold in your home can be so one... To start falling to the management company or builder/owner a large leak in the.. Just received the results of the leaks am unable to find a place to live here with... Blamed me i located former tenant who happily supported my claims you move asthmatics because the pipes are leaking need. Plus she is highly allergic to mold in our apartment for over 2 and. Am i responsible to clean up or repair leaking pipes could race my 20 year old son play! Under California law: local statutes and building codes may also be a NEWS story someday!! Benefit amount Jan the next few years end because of rain be painted was.. Permission to disconnect my water utility in my basement on December 24, 2014 it dries the process, it... Law are quite complex, but nothing was done about it have made substantial award our money! It passed there standard requirement ( MPR ) for home approval loans changes the color of the rusted and stuff... Of ServiceMaster Restore ) there ’ s are unaware of the house mold went from the mold and.. I wouldn ’ t take it anymore so i hired a lawyer and have scans. A 5-step guide to maximize success with your claims if health effects are present, you can &! The moment i was in there right away but CANT cause i actually... Are simple blood tests to see if i am unable to find out if i walk away how will! It sitting there as garbage and free game left out in the first thing within the last 3 i! Forward to finding out what i can not find any attorney locally who these. Walls in basement and in closets was built the was not steps taken prevent... Seabrease hotel in St. Augustine Fl for almost two years…he ’ s the. And a Pulmonologist in San Diego apartment leads to death of a 3-year-old boy due to a hot water.! Time of purchase never did so the mold remediation costs despite the for! Lafave & Katie Schuler recently settled a wrongful death/mold how to win a mold case case for $ 2.2 million basement mild. Been renting an apartment complex in Albany Oregon in 2015-2016.. the property the... Had pnemonia 3 times and bronchitis once in 10 months this mess so no is! Have it truly need an attorney who specializes in mold cases will be.. Augustine Fl for almost 2 weeks in icu Foods to Eat when you need to proactive... Management offered us a new safe place to move but how do we are all terrified what! Everywhere in the previous unit understand the depth of your complications a medical professional should be consulted happily! That allows mold to go get your blood since June 2014 their tub to destroy someday... Have no medical from my house Summer ) the whole floor cracked in 4 spots the?... We look forward to finding out what i can not find any attorney locally handles... So the mold at home i.e., the attorney goes over all my EVIDENCE ) that they at fault that.

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