hail the King! Shines, the light of redemption and grace Jesus our Saviour is here! Jesus Christ is here! night! Jesus, our Master, is here. Jesus the Saviour is born! Shepherds first with delight The film originally had the working title Zora, which was the title of an … “Jesus, the Saviour, is here!” Shines where Mary watches there, Silent night! Jesus, embraces mankind. Jesus, a Saviour, is born; Radiant, from thy innocent face, Little child, O how bright Silent night! Born to save us all. Gold and purple, a glorious crown, Shepherds lone, hail the light, Rests in heavenly peace. Child of heaven! Yonder where they sweet vigils keep, John Freeman Young 1. 1. Where adoring watch the pair, As the Child of peace and love Watches over the holy child. Son of God, love's pure light (verses 1-3), ca. O how bright Verse Two: Jane Montgomery Campbell, alt. 2. Giving life and love to all, Starry skies beaming bright, See the Eastern Magi bring, Jesus the Savior is come. Rev. Thou didst smile when Thou wast born; Holy child with the clustering hair, The song has been recorded by many singers across many music genres. 1. 19.) Silent Night, Holy Night Mary bends His Face to see, 1. As Sudden Angels Filled the Night. Sleeps in Mary’s arms. He is Christ the Lord, Echoing loud, both near and far; Jesus Christ is here! 2019 JENNY OAKS BAKER WORKSHOP INFO. 1881. Sleeps in Mary’s arms, Round yon Virgin Mother and Child! 3. Jesus the Saviour is come, Thou in Bethlehem born. Thro' the darkness beams a light; stars above Jesus, as one of mankind. Rests in Heavenly peace. Peaceful night! Christ descends, the earth to free; Silent night, holy night, Silent night, sacred night! God's own son, oh how bright Silent night! Holy night! Christ the Saviour is born. 2. "Christ the Savior is here!". Shepherds first see the light, Softly listens the wondering air. Holy Night! Silent Night (Christmas) A beautiful, new contemporary hymn arrangement for SATB Choir and Piano, with Flute Solo . Quote: "The song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads." 2. Silent night, holy night! Born to save us all, Group: (All is calm) (All is bright), Soloist:   S - i - l - e - n - t, Silent N-i-g-h-t,    H - Silent night! Softly glitters bright Bethlehem's star. Note, there is no notation for Silent Night in this edition, but it's never been needed. Where the watch of the shepherds is kept, holiest night! Still the night, Holy the night, Sleep," they softly sing. Angels' song with wonder hear, peaceful only the noble couple, holy couple Sleeping in heavenly grace. 5. 2. 4-6), 2007. Son of God, O how bright 1. Full of heavenly joy. Jesus, Lord, with your birth! holiest night! 1. Calling clearly near and far: Jane Montgomery Campbell (1817-1878), 1863. Still the earth, lone the light Silent night! Holy night! With the advent of the Son, Beams the ray of heavenly grace Shepherds quake at the Guiding Star, O lend Thy light! Christ the Redeemer is here. Shepherds first tell the sight! mystical night ! night! Darkness flies! Angels songs are heard above God above at that sight peaceful Heaven and earth in full chorus of praise: With Linda Hamilton, Matthew Harbour, Romano Orzari, Alain Goulem. Peaceful night! night! Sleep in heavenly peace, "Glory be to God in heav'n; Silent night, holy night, Jesus, as man on this earth! Silent night! See the eastern wise men bring Peaceful Love is smiling from thy Face! The original version is "On a Sacred Still and Silent Night" SSATB, Piano and Violin Here is an version for Treble SSAA Chorus and Piano with an optional Violin obligato. The Messiah is born! Curly haired Infant so tender and fair, Promised to spare all mankind! Still and wakeful the thrice bless'd pair. Sleeps the world, yet the light From the heaven’s golden height Heard the angelic Alleluia Kings and seers sought thy light, Just the faithful and holy pair, Heaven is near, earth is bright, Shows the grace of His holy might But the Son, to set us free 1. Watch o'er the child, beloved and fair, Silent night! Holy night! Land and deep silent sleep; 4. Christ the Redeemer is here, Jesus, salvation for all. Lovely Child, now take thy rest: Chapel Music Online provides free LDS sheet music available for immediate download. Rang so loud from near and far; All the world redeemed, Slumber in heavenly peace. Silent night, holy night. Hallelujah, hail the King, Pierce the darkness all around; You may need to search for it within their list. Holy night! "Christ the Saviour has come, D&C 25:12 ‘Jesus, the Saviour, is here! may you bring peace to the world, Watch, as in His Father's care Hark! Slumber in heavenly peace 1. Abundant grace for our intent. Holy night, Silent night; Perfect for invitations or a benediction. Holy night! Wondrous star! This warm and singable piece is complete with a descant, it incorporates Silent Night, and even asks the congregation to join in. "Hallelujah! Silent night! Silent Night as arranged by Peter Covino, Jr. with the intro by Sally DeFord. Silent night, holy night! Shepherds first saw the light, 5. Jesus Christ is here! Silent night, holy night! Sleep in heav'nly rest. Shepherds hear the angels sing — Mindful of mankind's plight All is still, Jesus sleeps; Jesus, Lord at Thy birth. Christ is here, all is light, Jesus, the Saviour is here! God our Father us has graced, Heavenly Hosts sing Alleluia! 20.) Silent night! Silent night, holiest night, Shepherds saw Wondrous light, Jesus, our Redeemer! Sleep in heavenly peace. 1859. Naught in sight! Lo! William C. Egan (verses Holy ight! Since times of our fathers He hath Chapel Music Online provides free LDS sheet music available for immediate download. Holy night! Where the Saviour is born. By his love, by his might With the dawn of redeeming grace, Full of heavenly joy. 1813 - 14 June 1883). Peace on earth to you is giv'n, Silent night! Shepherds first saw the sight Holy night! He is Christ the Lord. Heavenly harps their chorus swell! O'er his cradle the glad vigils share. Round yon godly tender pair. peaceful Charles Timothy Brooks (20 June 2. In silent Night. When thou smil’st, love-beams bright Silent night, holiest night! Sleeps the earth, calm and quiet; night! Earth is hushed, Heav'n a-light! 3. 4. Sunk in heav'nly repose, Son of God! All is dark, save the light 5. Floats around the holy pair: "Sleep, sleep, my Babe Divine! Holy night! Mary and Joseph in stable bare, Jesus, as man on this earth! Silent night! Hark the wondrous angel throng, Obligato: (Carol) Soloist: 'Neath the silent stars a town is sleeping, Shepherds on the hills, their watch are keeping, Group: (Silent Night) (Holy Night), Soloist: Their flocks are safe within the fold, Secure from danger, want, or cold, Group: (All is calm) (All is bright) Watch and wind sleepless in love, 5. Christ th' incarnate God. 5. Christmas Medley: Silent Night / Away in a Manger / In Humility, Our Savior. Holy night! And then Jesus, as brother embraced. Now the shepherds went their way, The world is calm, all is sleeping, Fact-based World War II story set on Christmas Eve, 1944, finds a German Mother and her son seeking refuge in a cabin on the war front. 2. Peaceful Holy night! Holy night! On the plain wakes the strain, Holy Night" Silent night! Jesus their brother proclaim! Christ the Saviour has come!". Our salvation’s hour! Shepherds hear the angels sing Whilst the happy and privileg'd pair 1. Silent night, holiest night, Silent night! Silent night, holy night, 1. Holy night, Silent night; God sends his Son to earth below peaceful night! Moonbeams form silvery light 1. 2. 2. "Christ the Savior is here!" Hail the morn with joyful song: glory on high, (For Three-part Chorus of Women's Voices, Violin obligato ad lib.) Blessed was that happy morn, Heard resounding clear and strong,

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